So my boyfriend called me tonight. Just like he always does(: But somehow, tonight our conversation turned into one of those heart-to-heart conversations. You know, where you just pour your heart out. Yeah, he did that tonight. I swear, we just keep getting closer and closer every time we talk. I never expected him to cry. And pretty soon, I was in tears. 

We talked forever, just like always. I’ve never felt like someone trusted me so much. Nobody has ever just sat down and talked to me like that. And for him to open up to me like that was just so amazing. 

Then we listened to Never Too Late together. Only the most amazing song in the universe. It makes me cry, but it makes me feel better. 

Just everything about this conversation tonight, no matter how sad it got, was just absolutely amazing. I’ve never loved someone so much.

And no matter how many times my parents say “Just be careful, boys are pigs.” it doesn’t matter. Erik is different, he’s not like that. He’s not like all the other boys. And he’s proven that to me. 

Just another little side note, he really gets me when he calls me baby. :3 It gives me butterflies, and puts the biggest smile on my face. Second time he’s ever actually called me that, not over text. xD It’s rare. There’s just something about him saying “I love you baby” that just really gets to me. I’m not exactly sure what it is, or why. But I like it. :)

God I just love this boy so much. I swear my parents would kill me if they ever knew how I felt about him. I don’t know why I think that though. I just do. Cause apparently “love at this age doesn’t exist.” 


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